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At Treedom, we build software solutions that create change for and through our communities. We are working to revolutionize the future of impact for a better tomorrow, partnering with schools and companies to drive social good. We connect students and customers to company missions through social impact campaigns, making social responsibility easier and more effective than ever before. By empowering impact-driven students with branded micro-scholarships, we are fostering and aligning educational and branding opportunities.

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What We're About

Mission Driven

We are people who feel our time and talents should be directed towards supporting global communities. This is where we find our value. Not in the jobs that just maintain the status quo, but in the ones that have a greater purpose. We are mission-driven people who work each and every day to leave the world better than we found it.

Action Oriented

We live by the motto that “hope is not a strategy.” Improving our communities is an active and intentional process. It’s about having the courage to innovate and the strategy to deliver. All of us at Treedom work together to reach our individual and company goals… for our students, our schools, and our communities.

Definite Optimists

The future will be brighter than the present if we plan and work to make it better. We get excited when thinking about solutions to complex issues. It’s why we’ve built a model rooted in aligning incentives – leveraging the resources of diverse groups to drive social change. And this is what it’s all about – working together to develop novel solutions for our collective progress.

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