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increase in US student debt over the past 10 years

of students with a GPA less than 3.4 receive private scholarships


In the past 10 years, US
student debt has increased by
Source: Saving For College

of students with a GPA <3.4
receive private scholarships
Source: Saving For College

College tuition affordability is still one of the biggest challenges we face today.

That's why we've introduced a service-based scholarship model. We partner with purpose-driven brands that care about improving the world while supporting students on their educational journeys.

Brands of today are beginning to work towards larger goals beyond profit. They're thinking bigger and shifting their focus towards bettering our entire society. And since higher education should be a right for everyone, we bridge the gap between brands and students to succeed together.

Treedom paves a path for companies to help students who service the issues their brands feel passionate about. This partnership lets everybody work hand-in-hand to create a better world today. And tomorrow.


Student completes service activity


Treedom reviews service activity


Treedom selects scholarship recipient


Treedom delivers grant directly to college

Scholarships Awarded

This experience was so rewarding because it taught me how to handle something of a such a large scale. I was able to learn a ton about communications and will continue working hard to help bring happiness to my community!

Grace, Scholarship Winner
The Bishop's School