4 Industries That Greatly Need Volunteers and Social Workers

Tamara Sue Everard
December 14, 2022

Social workers are important members of our society. Aside from providing support to those in need, they are the voice of the people who aren’t being heard. Additionally, they undertake social issues and participate in advocacy work to develop solutions to help people improve their lives. This makes social work a challenging but rewarding career because it requires devoting your time and energy to make the world a better place.

What’s also great about being a social worker is that there’s no shortage of opportunities for individuals in the field. Because of this, authorities expect an increase in demand for social workers in the future. In fact, a report on reinvestment in social work revealed that the employment of social workers will grow at an above-average rate through 2026, with a 16% growth rate overall. In line with this, here are four industries that are expected to boost the social worker demand:


In the healthcare industry, social workers provide essential support to patients and families. For instance, healthcare social workers communicate with doctors and patients to understand their physical and mental ailments and recognize their social, emotional, and financial needs. This will guide them in developing a personalized treatment and recovery plan for patients that will best address their health concerns. Social workers also help in answering health-related questions from patients and family members. With their assistance, people can better understand the necessary medical procedures and feel assured that they’re going to be safe. Because social workers can offer physical and mental guidance to patients, their contribution remains relevant in the healthcare industry.

Social Welfare

Another sector where social workers are needed is social welfare. Social work professionals who pursue a career in this field use their knowledge and skills to develop programs designed to cause positive social change on various socioeconomic issues. These include areas such as public housing, immigration, and child welfare. They also analyze existing policies and regulations to determine which programs are most effective in solving social issues. Lastly, social workers can promote and support various advocacies of individuals and communities, like women's rights and environmental protection, to achieve social justice. Since government social workers can represent the concerns and interests of the general public, they are essential in advancing the greater good.

Criminal Justice

Unlike government social workers, professionals in the criminal justice system provide legal and psychological assistance to individuals and family members involved in the law. These people can range from inmates and former convicts to those sent to a court-ordered intervention program. Among their various responsibilities, social workers help guide individuals through the daunting legal or court systems and identify rehabilitative services that will allow inmates to re-enter society. Social workers can also work with victims of crimes and abuse and connect them to relevant resources and groups that will support them in overcoming their trauma.


Finally, social workers in the education sector provide invaluable support for children and students struggling in school. They're trained to effectively deal with mental health issues to help students with mental health or behavior-related concerns overcome their problems with healthy coping mechanisms. Social workers can also coordinate with schools in mentoring teachers and other school personnel about behavior management. Moreover, social workers can participate in civic engagement opportunities that advocate inclusive education. For instance, individuals can join non-profit organizations like Pride and Less Prejudice in giving free age-appropriate LGBTQ-inclusive books to classrooms from Pre-K to third grade. This shows that promoting the welfare and education of students can go beyond supporting their mental health.