Service Learning: A Recommended Reading List

Darri Stephens
March 17, 2021

Click on the publications listed below to read more from this curation touting the benefits and best practices for inspiring students through service learning.

VANDERBILT: What is Service Learning or Community Engagement? — Let’s start from the very beginning … Dive a bit deeper into community engagement pedagogies: the benefits, some models, and ways to implement.

EDUTOPIA: What the Heck Is Service Learning? — Here is a clear definition to share with other stakeholders in your school and greater community.

If service learning did nothing more than fulfill youth’s need to be recognized as contributing citizens, its existence would be justified.

— David L. Manning, National Commission on Youth

PRODIGY: The Teacher’s Guide to Service Learning [+ 5 Examples] — A great toolkit to dive right into if you’re curious about how to inspire service learning in your classroom.

SMARTBRIEF: 4 Ways to Boost Service Learning in Schools — Follow these four rules to increase participation in service learning at your school …

ASCD: The Purpose and Goals of Service Learning — Read a short excerpt from Chapter 2 of Judith T. Witmer and Carolyn S. Anderson book’s, How to Establish a High School Service Learning Program, which underscores doing AND reflecting.

EDSURGE: What Service-Learning and Global Goals Taught Us About Promoting the Greater Good — Read about how one school, Weaver Elementary in Richmond, VA, shifted it’s focus to reimagine their school as one that prioritizes service learning.

EDWEEK: How Can We Make Service Learning Less Self-Serving? — Some advice on how to make student’s experiences even more meaningful in achieving the true goal of service.

CASEL: Service Learning SEL Resources — Still hungry for more? Check out these books and reports recommended by our friends at the nonprofit

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