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of Gen Z would rather buy from a company supporting social and environmental issues over one that does not.


of Gen Z believe companies should help address social and environmental issues.

It's no secret that mission-driven companies are changemakers. But sometimes, even they need a helping hand.

That's where we step in.

We are a social impact platform on a mission to improve the way companies do good.

Your Gen Z customers are purpose-driven and passionate about what they care about. Use the Treedom platform to authentically connect with them around the issues you care about most by participating in our scholarship program. Maximize the impact of your brand while supporting students who support the world.

And if you'd like to expand your impact beyond scholarships, we'd love to collaborate on customer activation events with you.

Build community, fortify your brand and double your impact.

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Some of our purpose-driven partners

Mental Health
Children and Youth
Children and Youth
Female Empowerment
Female Empowerment
Diversity and Inclusion
Los Angeles Homelessness
Ethical Design
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